So, to be honest, we haven't had a ton of questions yet...so F.A.Q. doesn't stand for "frequently asked questions" as much as it stands for "fairly anticipated questions." That being said...let us know if you have any other questions that we haven't predicted below.  

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1. Can I wear white or black to your wedding? How formal is it?

Definitely wear white or black if you want! Just don't wear royal blue. Cause that's our main color and you don't want to be that person. Thanks! 
Besides color options, feel free to dress nice but don't overdo it. A nice cocktail outfit will do just fine, but we also want you to be comfortable.
(i.e. button-down shirt, nice blouse, dress, or kilt options are perfect, but if you hate ties or high heels don't force yourself to wear them!)

2. Can I bring someone with me?

We have to keep our guest list small, so if someone's name is not on the invitation and there isn't the rare and mystical +1, we have to ask you to not bring a guest.  Unfortunately, this includes your children as well. If you need help finding a babysitter for your youngster please let us know! We still want you to enjoy this evening with us. 



3. Where can I stay and get transportation?

There are many different options available - check out our Where To Stay page for more details! 
Thankfully, the venue is on St. Charles Main Street which has great food and lodging options.
The venue and hotels we've saved are decently close to the Lambert Airport. (About a 10-15 minute drive.) You can get a shuttle or Uber between the airport and the hotel and almost everything else you need will be within walking distance. 
Also, this area has a cheap bus system if you don't want to rent a car. Click here to learn about S.C.A.T.

PSA: Turns out that the PGA tour did not communicate directly with us to let us know they are having their Championship Tour in St. Louis from August 9th-12th. This being the case, please book your stays ASAP if you are traveling and need a place to stay.  

4. What's the parking situation at the venue?

Good news! Not only is parking free at the Foundry Arts Centre, but there is a TON of it!



5. Is an RSVP required? And how do I do so? 

Yes! RSVP's are required. The deadline is July 15th. 
You can RSVP here on the website or by texting your name and information to Lindsey at 817-501-5014. 
If you RSVP through the website (which is the best option), we will send you an updated reminder with more information closer to the date. 
Only those whose names are on the invite will be accepted via our RSVP system. 

6. What will the food/Drink situation be at the reception? 

We will be having a breakfast-for-dinner buffet! There will be plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, but if you have anything more specific with your dietary needs, please let us know. For example, anyone who is allergic to cinnamon will be pleased to know that their will be none of that nonsense at this event.
The caterers will be onsite to answer questions as well. 

With our breakfast-for-dinner, we will have coffee and juice for drinking and toasting - no alcohol.



7. Will there be dancing?

You bet there will be.

8. Is the venue Disability-Friendly?

Yes! We are very glad to be able to have a location that is accessible for everyone. 



9. What's your hashtag? And where do I post pictures?

(Just kidding, don't add #duh.) 

Please feel free to post pictures on any of your social media; we are especially fond of Instagram and Facebook! Just remember to add our hashtag so the joy can be shared. Thank you! 



10. What Time does the Reception end? 

The reception will be over by 11:00 pm at the latest.


Do you still have a question or concern? Write us here.

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