Absolutely Freeman




Where to begin? It feels like it started on the 9th of April in 2017, but really it began before they were born when God started writing Himself into their lives and knew that He had a special plan for Phillip and Lindsey to someday meet and fall in love. 

However, in April of last year, Lindsey and Phillip connected through a mutual Facebook group that someone in their church had started. After Phillip saw a fellow artist and colorful personality named Lindsey in the group, he reached out to say hello and ask how life was going. A simple enough question, but Lindsey responded with a novel of an answer. In that moment, Phillip knew there was something different about this girl. They started messaging and emailing and soon moved on to phone calls. Unknown to Phillip, Lindsey was very skeptical at first and so she talked to mutual friends of theirs to make sure Phillip had good references. (He did.) On their second phone call, Lindsey accidentally invited him to come to a church event in Dallas in June. And so they met in person on the 1st of June after two months of weekly calls. Their souls met and said, "Finally. I've found my best friend that I didn't know I was missing." 
When Phillip told Lindsey that he liked her and asked for permission to pursue her, she responded simply, with one word:

In July, Lindsey visited Phillip and he took her on a nerdy and color-filled scavenger hunt through the St. Louis Art Museum. She had no idea what was about to happen. At the last art piece, Phillip asked her to be his girlfriend.
To which she again responded, "Absolutely."

After many adventures (and Lindsey moving from Dallas to St. Louis), Phillip and Lindsey made it to March 11th. Blindfolded and curious, Lindsey sat in the passenger seat as Phillip drove to Creve Coeur Lake. Once there, he walked Lindsey out to a specific spot and told her to take off the blindfold. Everything was white. Unbeknownst to Lindsey, it had begun to snow as they drove and Phillip kept quiet about it because he knew that it would be a great surprise since snow is Lindsey's favorite. Standing in a pavilion, overlooking a snow-covered lake, Phillip told Lindsey what she meant to him and asked her to marry him.
Can you guess what she said?




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